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Lab Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management System is a fully customized solution designed to streamline your day to day lab workflows, securely manage sample information, tech performance, generation of test reports and invoicing to name a few.

It is a software system that facilitates the management of samples, test results and associated data to improve lab productivity and effectiveness.

A LIMS provides the standardization of workflows, procedures and tests, and also ensures control over the processes in the lab.

Features And Benefits

  • Sample Management – The LIMS stores all the important information about the sample, such as expiration date, storage, names of the researchers, and its source. Storing all the information reduces the risk of expiration, contamination, and loss of the samples=
  • Instrument integration – LIMS Instrument Integration is a functionality that provides increased integration with lab instruments
  • Procedure Execution – Allows allows the lab technicians to configure all the processes in the lab, step by step. Advanced
    configuration options facilitate work in the lab by defining clear steps and guiding analysts through a process.
  • Data Integration – Ensures more secure data management, adjusted specifically to
    the various needs of different labs. It also significantly reduces the time of
    data processing and reporting and ensures safe access to data from different
  • Data Management – The growing volume of data created in labs has resulted in the incorporation of effective data management in the LIMS.
  • The  LIMS can also import instrument result files and use extracted data for quality control
  • Continuous integration provides the opportunity to download data in real time, during the process.
  • LIMS data management improves work at labs by facilitating configuration and the process of archiving.
  • The LIMS archives original raw data files, as well as s standardized representation in XML format. Both files can be quickly restored
    if necessary. A standardized version of data can be accessed from any computer or browser.
  • It enables migration of archive files from one medium to another, which is crucial in the case of systems that store data for many years.
  • The LIMS also supports paperless labs and reduces the need for paper documentation. It minimises the number of documents and speeds up
    approval time and processes such as file viewing and data circulation.
  • Reduction of paper usage increases the efficiency and consistency of data and
    also significantly reduces costs.